Earthbound Industries was born out of the notion that as a humanity, our livelihood and well-being is dependent upon our ability to make good choices about how we live. Our aim is to provide building alternatives that honor not only our own ultimate survival but also account for the holistic health of our planet and home. The objective of the company is rooted in the intention to proactively function as a regenerative and restorative service that utilizes the earth's resources with integrity and consciousness. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with high quality service using sustainable materials with an emphasis on simple and clean aesthetics that honor the materials as well as the given context in which the project is being constructed. We specialize in the creation of cabinets, furniture and remodel consultancy using the finest, most efficient, earth friendly products on the market. Our dedication to research and experimentation with new products enable us to stay at the forefront of this innovative field, which in turn allows us to bring new ideas and possibilities to your projects.


Earthbound Industries chooses to use green materials because of the positive impact it has on our ecological, social and economic environment. In addition, we only use sustainable materials that are safe and healthy for your home and those that dwell there. We believe that creating high quality products is also dependent upon the nature of the service provided. Therefore, we collaborate with the client to choose materials that are appropriate for the project and visually in alignment with what you want to achieve. We then join forces to originate the design for the product that fits your aesthetic ideals and honors your space and lifestyle. Once we have collectively established a vision, we will consistently work together to re-assess where we are in the process and where we want to go. Modifications are made as they are necessary and we don't walk a way from a job until we feel the client is completely satisfied with the product and happy about the overall exchange. Our success is truly predicated upon the client's satisfaction with the product.



We are open to using all different types of woods for our products, however we have certain ones that we find most appealing for a range of reasons that we outline.
We promote the use of bamboo because it has many unique qualities. To start, it is actually a grass (or a weed) and not a wood. It grows at incredible rates and is therefore considered to be a sustainable material. It has been known to grow up to two feet a day in its peak conditions. It is very stable and strong enough to be used in all types of furniture. Lastly, it has a very beautiful rich look that can fit into many different contexts.
We also like to use local woods that are either salvaged or FSC certified. We like salvaged woods because they often come from old growth trees that have beautiful grains that are difficult to find in todays trees. We attempt to use material that might otherwise end up in a dump or fireplace. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They are an international non-profit organization that has developed strict standards for their stamp of approval. In order to be FSC certified the businesses harvesting, milling, and selling must meet these strict standards. We agree with these standards and therefore attempt to use as many FSC certified products as possible (to learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council please visit our links section and go to their website). Some of the local woods we like to use are Douglas Fir, Madron, Cherry, and Maple. We like to include other green materials in our products such as Kirei's sorghum board. These are only a few examples of what is available. Please don't hesitate to suggest other options.


For our cabinet boxes we like to use a local plywood manufacturer called Columbia Forest Products. They produce a plywood that uses local FSC certified wood, is laminated with their own soy-based, formaldehyde-free glue called pure-bond, and pre-finished with a no-VOC finish. VOC's are volatile organic compounds and toxic to our physical health (you can learn more by visiting their website from our links section). There are other plywood options, however this is what we enjoy using the most.
We offer a beautiful countertop option using Richlite. Richlite is a rock-hard composite of recycled and new paper, pulped and pressed with a resin epoxy. It is beautiful and durable and very well priced for a high-end counter.


We put a lot of consideration into the finishes we use. Finishes and paints can be the most toxic substance you bring into your home. We use finishes that have extremely low or no VOC's in them. These include Enduro Poly-finish, which is a plastic clear coat that seals and completely protects the wood. It is very durable and comes in a gloss to satin sheen. For an even less toxic and more natural finish we use OSMO Hardwax Oil or Bioshield Hard Oil. These products are a natural penetrating finish. They do not seal the wood, but penetrate it to protect it. When using these the surface maintains its natural wood feel. When using Enduro, there is a plastic coating between you and the wood. Both finishes have their advantages and disadvantages, however both enhance the beauty of the wood.
This is an ever-growing industry with new products always emerging. We attempt to stay on the forefront of the market and provide those options to you. If you know of a product that may be useful to us, please pass that information along. The best way for this industry to grow and get stronger is for us to share information and resources.


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